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Second Life Photography by Socks
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11th-Feb-2009 01:44 am - Simboarding fun
Cat - Silly

Simboarding fun at SLSBA home sim from Socks Catt on Vimeo.

Dream Horizon : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dream+Horizon/189/139/58

Why isn't this on youtube? WMG is throwing fits about money, so they're punishing the rest of us who like the music and don't pirate. Bastards.

Anyhow, a quick vid of me having fun on the Pro halfpipe at SLSBA's sim. I made the "huck-o-meter" (big yellow ruler like thing) to see how high airs were. Then I got the idea to put a platform on it and jump over and clear the platform. One thing led to another, and by the night's end I was enjoying myself WAY too much knocking the sculpty "n00b" off the platform at 15 M. Oh, and the trick at the end? I'm calling it a "Topshelf Highball", as opposed to a "highball" which is a similar stall on the judges window.

So this is a "demo run" using the huck-o-meter, the n00b, and some other elements to show a full length competition style run. I actually ran about 10-15 seconds over time, but it's an ok demo. Shot in SL, from my perspective. Those who get seasick easily may want to pass, because it involves a bit of motion.

and yes, I'm wearing a "Swat Kats" uniform, and riding an SK board too. What? I loved that show! If anyone wants a copy of the outfit let me know, I'll toss you one, but it comes with no guarantees / warranties it'll fit without some massive modification. I also made some of the animations / poses on the simboard too. I didn't like what was out there, so I made my own. Nothing unusual in SL, right?
9th-Feb-2009 12:44 pm - a little more fan service
Cat - Anthro DOGZ
"Ephemeral fan service"

Tsunami Beach

Just one of those pics that found me. And a little bunny fan service for some folks. :)

Oh, and sometime in March an SL machinima video I made is going to be featured in an art exhibit in LA. More details on that later, once I know more.
6th-Feb-2009 02:32 pm - Bird's the werd?
Cat - Anthro DOGZ

Pacifico Norte 1

Most surf places have a bouy or something to let you know the "wave starts here." Playa Santa Teresa, however, does not. They have this guy. He's chillin out at the rez point of the wave, hanging out.

So I've named him "Mortimer". Not much of a surfer, but he's keeping the plankton population down, I'll tell you that.
Skuff - Growly
"The Egobox"

Brooklyn is Watching

A psychiatrist would have a field day with my head, I swear.

So in an effort to give BiW something "quality" art wise, I put this together. I wanted to make it in the real world someday, but I lack funding and the ability to spout BS at will about what something is supposed to make you feel. So, I made it in second life instead, cheaper and faster.

This is an "Egobox". outside you click the sign and get a few things, then you come inside and accept the love and appreciation from the virtual crowd who won't stop applauding. Well, at least as long as you use the gesture I put in the sign.

Then you just wander out of it when you feel better. Call it art, I called it what it is.
7th-Jan-2009 02:11 pm - Kitsune Stumble
Holidays : X-Mas Fox
"Kitsune temple"

Fontana Music Town

I stumbled into this while in a Japanese sim. It was kinda out of place, but then again isn't that the point sometimes?
4th-Jan-2009 08:08 pm - *meep!*
Cat - Anthro DOGZ
"hopefully, he's NOT hungry?"


umm, hi! nice weather isn't it? Umm, yeah....

No forced perspective, this thing is just that big. It's a prim behemoth I stumbled into the other night, literally walked out of a surf shop and "OH! Hi!"
2nd-Jan-2009 04:51 am - Tagging SL
Cat - Anthro DOGZ
"Brooklyn is KNOT watching"


Since they think art has to come to them, I brought them some. I "tagged" BiW pretty hard tonight, including their main sign. I didn't tag other people's artwork, that's just not right. But the buildings and signs? Fair game to make a point. I got photos of all the tags, but only published 4 of the 8 I did.

now we see if they really *are* watching or not.
27th-Dec-2008 05:12 pm - Watch this
Cat - Anthro DOGZ
"BiW Urban ride"


I found this art project called "Brooklyn is Watching", and I BASE jumped it a while ago. But the more I play around in there, the more I see that they do "stagnant" art. People build stuff and it sits there, or spouts off particles for no adequately explained reason. So, I have a sort of guerilla art project I'm doing there. go in, rez a purpose-built halfpipe, and ride the hell out of it. The back side has a rotating texture wall which declares art/life/second life is not static.

It's all in good fun, and I don't leave the pipe there.
24th-Dec-2008 03:55 am - A video to show what I found
Holidays : X-Mas Fox

Animated prim teddybear, I don't remember the store name or anything, other than the location is around here.

I feel like my teeth hurt after watching that tho.
23rd-Dec-2008 03:50 am - Snow Patrol Rescue
Dog - Dalmatian - Snowboard

Growl 2

Why do the weird sims find me? more importantly, why do I let them?
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