Socks the Caline (sockscatt) wrote in socks_on_sl,
Socks the Caline

Neko Ninja

"Neko Ninja"

Gion Project
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Done for the Gion photo contest. "The GION Project is a beautiful scenic SIM that closely reflects the traditional Gion district found in Kyoto, Japan." It's a portrait comp, but really freeform in the rules. I wanted to capture some of the flavor of the sim, not just take pics of avatars.

This is the second offering for the contest, which took the longest to set up. A lot of prep for a few quick snaps, but in the end I like the results. I did do some touchup to give it a darker feel, as well as try to hide the "furry seams" of prim avatars.
Tags: art, cat, contest, gion
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