September 30th, 2008

Cat - Anthro DOGZ


"30 M Highdive"

Telework Space

Skuff takes a swan dive into shark infested waters over an open area sim. The build here is actaully pretty interesting for what's pretty much a void sim. Lots of SCUBA wrecks and AI wildlife. Of interest is the 4-5 sharks that swim around. On my first visit one touched me, said "You die!" and I was TP'd back home. Annoying considering I was surfing at the time, and the shark had to leap out of the water to do this.

I have an alternate version of the pic too, in different gear. But this is the one that took so FREAKING long to take. No, I don't use poseballs when I do action shots. I do it the way action photography is taken. On the move! And related, Skuff looks pretty good in native gear, don't ya think?